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Jul. 17th, 2015

Hello, I haven't been on live journal for a long time but I'm looking to quickly (by 7/22) sell my Hey! Say! JUMP merch that I bought around 2009 from multiple sellers. I no longer follow them I wish to sell the items together but if you really want something specific you can ask me. Click here to view the photobucket album. The listing is on ebay and the auction is at $10 with $5 shipping right now/

The $10 (auction price start) package includes:
1 X Large double sided poster
5 X Black and white photoshoot magazine clippings
1 X Concert magazine clipping
1 X Photo of Chinen (bought in Japan)
1 X Photo display of Chinen (bought in Japan)
15 X Post cards of HSJ/Chinen (bought in Japan)

Ready to ship in a bubble mailer with cardboard to prevent bending.
Condition is as shown in picture, very good condition slight, small tears here and there.
Seperate shipping and handling estimated at $4-5 to the US.

I'm also selling Three magazines ($4 each + shipping and handling through media mail is probably $3-4 to US)

1 X Myojo March ? (Probably 2009 or 2010)
1 X (Forgot the title name) Feb 2009
1 X (Forgot the title name) Sep 2009

If interested or if you have questions please contact me through email as it's an easier form of communication (xlucidness@gmail.com).
Basic rules apply, check my old store for 100% feedback and additional information as needed (dreams_store).

Are you looking for my store?

Looking for my LJ store? [info]dreams_store 


Hey! Say! JUMP mp3 Masterpost

These mp3's are the ones I ripped from their CDs.

Dreams come true
01. Dreams come true [song] [karaoke]
02. 俺たちの青春 [song] [karaoke]
03. Chance to Change [song] [karaoke]

Album: Ultra Music Power
01. Ultra Music Power [song] [karaoke]
02. Star Time [song] [karaoke]

Album: Your Seed
01. Your Seed [song] [karaoke]
02. 冒険ライダー [song] [karaoke]

Album: 真夜中のシャドーボーイ
01. 真夜中のシャドーボーイ [song] [karaoke]
02.  スクール革命 [song] [karaoke]
03. Deep night [song] [karaoke]


HSJ Screen Shot Masterpost


12.4 MB, 396 Images, HSJ
download here !

Credits: SwH 2009-01-19 Live Stage - Haze no Mukaou e &  Glorious, Tantei Gakuen Q SP, One Pound Gospel, Ya-Ya-Yah Trip To JUS, 20090208 Hey! Say! JUMP Memories, Scrap Teacher, Your Seed PV Making, 2008.07.11 Music Station, 2008.04.28 Hey! Say!, 2008.04.18 Music Station,  2008.04.13, 2008.04.06 Show, 2008.02.03, 2007.12.05 FNS, 2007.12.02, 2007.11.11, Tantei Gakuen, 2009.01.25 SHS, Scrap Teacher, megaella, antonia422, jennyhuang


15.53 MB, 134 Images, HSJ
download here !

Credits: HS7-hey say+i wo kure perf (CKIIU), YOU tachi0703525_PLEASEx3, FNS 071205 HSJ UMP, summary_ryosukeyamada, seishun amigo, 2004.04.08 SC Love So Sweet [Yabu+Hikaru+Yuto], FNS 2008 HSJ Cut, HHS.080413-Live.Star Time

5 Words

Tagged by turtlepark 

Chinen- Of course my love and life~~ Cutie Chii stole my heart after Yama-chan had it for awhile<3

Anime- Apparently my friend Derek is more obsessed with me but I prefer manga over anime <3 I've read the HSJ manga and have some english manga books!

Art- I try hard to draw but it's not that good.. haha.. I try to draw anime by watching tutorials but it ends in a fail. D: <

Hey! Say! JUMP- I first discovered HSJ on youtube~~ I saw cute boys LOL. But I didn't really care at first but then when I watched the video over I fell in love with the video Hey! Say! making<3 right? HS7 first xD

Johnny's Entertainment- Most Johnny lovers like all Johnny members, right? xD But I only like HSJ! I don't really know any other bands too much like NEWs and ..yeah xD <3


Kristy has became........

Kristy has become A LOVER OF YURI CHINEN
(Yeah, I didn't really get that part we were supposed to fill in :3)

True Friends and True Love since April 11, 2009.

I promise I'll Love him as he promise me to love me

"I`ll love you to the end of time."
"I live to protect you."

Ryosuke Yamada

Woahh. The last time I didn't post a friends only or private journal was way back on 3/27, which was over a month ago!

Click for larger sizes. Ask for size alterations/to add anything to your wanting.
The size is different this time, 1000x60... it wasn't meant to be a wallpaper, lols~

They are the same thing, just the first one has angel wings around the "Ryosuke Yamada" part, haha.

Credit: Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended,YOU tachi0703525_PLEASEx3, 2008.04.28 Hey! Say!, 2008.04.18 Music Station, 2008.04.13 Clip, 2008.04.06 Show, Feathers brush (.abr file doesn't say who it's by; got it off deviantart I think.)


HSJ Bad Boy Theme

Click for larger sizes. Ask for size alterations/to add anything to your wanting.

Credit: 08.04 Duet uploaded by Happytown, Adobe Photoshop CS3


HSJ White Winter Theme

I haven't posted anything useful in awhile, have I?

Click for larger sizes. Ask for size alterations/to add anything to your wanting.

Credit: Waves by DarkMercy, Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended, presents Rainbow Layout, 2007.12 Wink Up uploaded by chiharu


Yamada x Daiki Theme

I made my first HSJ wallpaper! :)
It took me around two hours though...

Click for larger sizes. Ask for size alterations/to add anything to your wanting.

Credit: 12.2008 Duet Scans, Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended, Hanging Around Brush by Extravaganceex3, Magazine Words Brush by TheARTIST007, Hearts Brush by SS, Dialogue Brush by Jonas M., Feathers Brush