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Jul. 17th, 2015

Hello, I haven't been on live journal for a long time but I'm looking to quickly (by 7/22) sell my Hey! Say! JUMP merch that I bought around 2009 from multiple sellers. I no longer follow them I wish to sell the items together but if you really want something specific you can ask me. Click here to view the photobucket album. The listing is on ebay and the auction is at $10 with $5 shipping right now/

The $10 (auction price start) package includes:
1 X Large double sided poster
5 X Black and white photoshoot magazine clippings
1 X Concert magazine clipping
1 X Photo of Chinen (bought in Japan)
1 X Photo display of Chinen (bought in Japan)
15 X Post cards of HSJ/Chinen (bought in Japan)

Ready to ship in a bubble mailer with cardboard to prevent bending.
Condition is as shown in picture, very good condition slight, small tears here and there.
Seperate shipping and handling estimated at $4-5 to the US.

I'm also selling Three magazines ($4 each + shipping and handling through media mail is probably $3-4 to US)

1 X Myojo March ? (Probably 2009 or 2010)
1 X (Forgot the title name) Feb 2009
1 X (Forgot the title name) Sep 2009

If interested or if you have questions please contact me through email as it's an easier form of communication (xlucidness@gmail.com).
Basic rules apply, check my old store for 100% feedback and additional information as needed (dreams_store).

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