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Hello, you can call me Krii~
Welcome to my personal graphics & sharing journal !
Here you'll find some random graphics, mostly of a j-pop group called Hey! Say! JUMP, 'cause I'm a big fan of theirs, and so are many other people.
oh & btw. Ryosuke Yamada is already taken by me!!
My personal store community is dreams_store

* If you take any item or information, credit me... dreamshere
* Don't edit and claim as your own; which includes not taking off water marks.
Comment if you take.
* Don't be rude, but constructive criticism is welcomed and appreciated.
* I don't know what else to say... just don't do anything bad and you'll be alright :D
Also found here

* I do take scan requests... I have most older scans scans, but I might not have some, so know that.
* I take picture requests... (ect. pairing pictures) Again, I might not have some.
* I take mp3 requests... doesn't have to be from HSJ, I can download it for you!


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